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September 20, 2013

This blog started as a way of documenting our journey towards creating more of the life we wanted to be living. Buying land and building a home here in the Ecovillage (in Currumbin Valley) was the first really big step. It was a massive leap of faith as we had almost no savings and hence had to buy and build on 100% finance. It’s hard paying a huge mortgage and it means we both have to work full-time but everything that we envisaged about living here and raising our children here has come about.

Living in Community

We live in a community of like-minded people. Of course, people have their differences. There are politics and disagreements but on the whole, it’s a harmonious and supportive community. I love the fact that I know most people here, that we wave at each other as we pass and that there is always someone to offer help, assistance or advice when I ask for it (over our community email hub).

It takes a Village to Raise a Child


We have no fences here. The children and kangaroos roam freely. Our children have more than just the two of us to parent and guide them. Some weekends we may end up with a whole gaggle of village kids at our house. Other weekends we may not see our kids all day as they spend the day at another village house or riding and playing outside on our greenways. We don’t have to arrange playdates – the kids find each other and play happens spontaneously and organically.

Green Life

Living here in the Ecovillage makes green living easier. We thought about rural living or acreage but I felt so daunted by the idea of having to work out all the solar and water stuff that we knew nothing about. Here, it was already worked out in a detailed building code. We have solar-generated power (grid connected), 100% rainwater (ah the bliss of rainwater baths and showers – something I always dreamed of), a community waste-water treatment plant and recycled water that we can use on our gardens. I’ve always been “green” but it was a dream, an ideal – something I didn’t feel able to really apply to my life except through avoiding chemicals and processed foods.

Not rural, not suburban – the perfect meld

Surfing the swales

We wanted to live with a rural feel but we didn’t want to be isolated. Friends warned us that with acreage we would spend our days on ride-on mowers and weekends would be filled with the sound of slashers and mowers. That wasn’t the life for us but neither was suburbia. Here, we live on just over 1/4 acre but we have shared greenways between the houses and very little fencing so it feels like we have more land than we do.


This really feels like home. I’m where I want to be. I can see myself getting old here, having grandchildren visit me here. And if I don’t have grandkids of my own, I’ll adopt my neighbour’s grandkids. I’ve never lived anywhere else that I felt I could stay forever but I have that feeling here and it’s a good feeling.

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  1. kpbare permalink
    September 21, 2013 7:30 am

    To see my children sitting around the table with your children, to know that we too, have returned to this way of life you have so beautifully described…..I feel blessed and truly happy! Love and friendship always my gorgeous friend. You and your family are remarkable and we all cherish you….xox

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