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Little steps

August 30, 2010

I’ve always been overwhelmed at the beginning of projects. The task ahead seems enormous and I hover in uncertainty about how to tackle it. When I look back, I realise this has always been a tendency of mine and it only seems to be this year that I feel I’m gaining skills to overcome it. One piece of advice from friend really helped. She says, take time to sit and ponder and an answer usually comes. If you don’t know how to do something now or resolve something now, don’t panic about it but take time to reflect, sleep on it and in time, with peace, clarity comes. I’ve found this very valuable.

The second thing that has been helping me lately is the idea of taking little steps. If the big picture is overwhelming, start with one small part of it. Tackle that and then go onto the next bit. Our garden is rather large and has overwhelmed me since the day we moved here. If it wasn’t for John Palmer adopting us and our garden, we would be spending our weekends pushing the lawn mower (not really kosher in an ecovillage!). Lately, to my surprise, I’ve been enjoying gardening! Once I decided to tackle a small section at a time, I began to enjoy it.

I’ve just created a small garden bed next to our front deck. It was a weedy messy overgrown bed and now it is planted with lovely natives from Michelle’s Native Plants. Michelle kindly came to our house, looked at where I was thinking of planting and put together a group of plants that were suitable for the spot. What satisfaction I feel walking out of my front door every day and seeing the little garden I’ve created.

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  1. September 2, 2010 11:05 am

    The point about little steps is so true! Quite often I feel overwhelmed at the enormity of changing things to live a more sustainable life.
    At the moment we have a steep overgrown patch of earth at the back of our townhome that we would like to turn into a vegetable garden somehow.
    We try to take little steps to clear it, terrace it, make paths, prepare the soil and eventually plant our veggie seedlings.


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