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Honey bee and the wattle tree

August 27, 2010

We have a wattle tree out the front of our house and were surprised in July to find it in full blossom. Spring had come early it seemed and for a while I ignored the tree, feeling too perturbed by the incredibly early arrival of Spring. But one day, heading outside, I could not ignore the loud buzzing sound emanating from the wattle tree. It was absolutely full of bees going about their work collecting nectar.

I thought of old Jack up the road and figured they must have come from his hive. Jack lives just a few hundred metres up the road from the ecovillage and keeps several hives. We’ve been buying his lovely honey for years. Raw honey in the shops has usually been heat-treated so is not truly raw. Jack’s honey is totally untreated. His friend Trish sells it for him from a little road side stall out the front of his house.

Last Sunday, we went to buy some more honey from Trish as we had run out. Taiji commented that the honey was darker than usual. I didn’t believe him at first until we got home and I had a proper look. Sure enough it was much darker and it even tasted different. Then it dawned on me. The bees had feasted themselves on all the wattle trees in the area, including our garden and so had made wattle honey! How nice to be eating honey made from the nectar of trees in our own garden.

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  1. August 27, 2010 9:22 pm

    What a beautiful story – would make a great children’s picture book. xox

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