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Eggman and the flower fairies

March 5, 2010

We have a little homeschool group which runs 3 days a week. Once a week, it is held at our house. This week, we went on a nature walk and collected flowers and leaves and the children decided to make flower fairies.

Here are Taiji and his buddy Coral with their flower fairies.

Later, Taiji was having a four year old melt-down when a gruff voice called him from the kitchen “Taiji!!”. “Uh oh, I thought. Taiji’s going to get a gruff Papa scolding” (I was giving him a soft mama comforting cuddle while he was sobbing because he couldn’t have his way about something). We both looked up to see a talking egg on a stick and we dissolved into laughter. Such a lovely way to dissolve a young boy’s tantrum.

Taiji was then inspired to make his own egg-man. The creativity in food and plants is boundless.

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