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Autumn planting time

March 5, 2010

John Palmer (our garden angel) informs us that it is Autumn planting time – time to start planting your winter vegetables. Time to cover over the unwanted summer grasses that have taken over the garden beds, mulch up, and plant.

Here’s a team effort: raking up grass clippings from the freshly mowed empty lot next door.

Cover over the unwanted grass and weeds with old cardboard and lay the mulch down over that.

Put some soil and worm castings or compost down where you want to plant,  put in your seeds or seedlings, protect them with more mulch and be sure to immediately water the new residents. Here John and Taiji are planting a lovely circular herb bed around our cherry blossom tree.

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  1. Judy Harvey permalink
    March 6, 2010 12:04 pm

    Hi Filippa – Soil looks great. Can see our house in the background! Kangaroos had a good feed of our pomegranite tree but it has now reshooting. We always compost our grass clippings as they seem to compact and heat up around the plants.

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